Projeto Vida ( Project Life)  is a small, manageable organization.

The money will  go where it is needed:

- To the children and their families and not into the administration.

- To all employees who work as volunteers.

If you think our approach of intercultural dialogue and social engagement is worthy to support, then support us with a monthly or one-time amount. Each single Euro helps us to expand our work and to continue to achieve our goals.
So come an join us with your help!


Damiana Koch




You want to help today?

 From just 1 a month!


1 can help?

yes, because 99 is not





Thank you!



Int. Bank Account in Germany



Projeto vida e.V.

Bank: KSK Schwäbisch Hall - Crailsheim

IBAN: DE46 6225 0030 0001 7848 68



Account: 1784868 


Bank code number: 622 500 30



For donations to 100 the transfer form is accepted as a donation certificate, also, we will automatically provide you a donation receipt. Upon request for donations to 100 . Enter your address and your name in the subject of transfer or in a separate message.



Lebensfreude erleben!

Lebensfreude schenken!

Am Schuppach 5
74523 Schwäbisch Hall



Von Axé, Forró bis Zumba

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Projeto Vida e.V.
Eberhard-Heim-Str. 28
74523 Schwäbisch Hall


Tel: (+49) 791 9782917


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